Holyrood debate

Oil sector drawn into MSPs row over green transition

BP Clair Ridge

Oil’s future continues to divide MSPs

North Sea oil and gas leaders have been drawn into an ongoing row over the industry’s role in the transition to a carbon-free economy.

OGUK, which represents the industry, said a debate in parliament showed the two largest parties in the Scottish parliament – the SNP and the Conservatives – to be in agreement on the need to ensure the UK is not forced to import supplies because of premature cutbacks in domestic fields.

But the Tories claimed there was no such consensus and that the SNP had “turned its back” on the industry under pressure from its new Green Party partners who want an early end to exploration.

The debate was called by the Tories to challenge the SNP’s commitment to the sector and undeveloped fields such as Cambo. Afterwards OGUK CEO Deirdre Michie, said: “We agree the oil and gas industry’s companies, workers and skills will be crucial to helping Scotland meet its climate targets.

“All projections show society will be using some oil and gas well beyond 2045 so it’s better if we can produce our own rather than increase reliance on other countries.

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