Carbon beaters

Lumo tempts air travellers with low-cost electric trains

New era of travel promised by low carbon trains

A fully-electric low-cost rail service will connect Edinburgh and London from next month in one of the boldest attempts to cut emissions and persuade air travellers to take the train.

Lumo, owned by Aberdeen-based transport company FirstGroup, will provide low-carbon, affordable long-distance travel for for an estimated one million passengers a year and it is targeting the 74,500 passengers who currently fly between the two capitals each month.  

Single tickets will have a starting price of just £14.90 with about 60% of all single fares available for £30 or less.

Rail travel already generates six times fewer carbon emissions than travelling by plane, according to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Lumo expects to be even more carbon efficient than the average rail service because its trains are 100% electric.

Services start on 25 October, with their frequency increasing over time to a maximum of ten per day by early next year.


Helen Wylde, managing director, said: “Travelling in the UK should not cost a fortune and it certainly shouldn’t be the planet that pays. Whatever your preferred mode of transport, we are likely to be more affordable and kinder to the planet.

“We believe everyone has the right to travel in style. We are empowering people to make green travel choices that are genuinely affordable without compromising on comfort.”

Lumo trains will run on the East Coast Main Line and call at Newcastle, Morpeth and Stevenage, helping to improve regional connectivity while offering alternatives to Newcastle and Luton airports. 

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