Equal to 1m petrol cars

UK plans to create hydrogen using fossil fuels

Hydrogen will be produced in two ways

Government plans to produce hydrogen using fossil fuels could create up to 8m tonnes of carbon emissions every year by 2050, according to new analysis.,

This would equate to the emissions from more than a million petrol cars.

The current plan is to use both blue hydrogen created from fossil fuels and green hydrogen which is produced by renewables.

Research, undertaken on behalf of The Guardian by Friends of the Earth Scotland, is based on government data published last week on the future of the UK’s hydrogen economy.

The strategy sets out a “twin track” approach but climate groups say that an over-reliance on blue hydrogen could lock the UK into decades of North Sea gas production, fossil-fuel imports and millions of tonnes of carbon emissions.

Richard Dixon, the director of Friends of the Earth Scotland, claims that the government’s support for the major oil companies behind plans for blue hydrogen projects, including BP and the Norwegian state oil giant Equinor, would allow them to “prolong fossil-fuel production indefinitely”.

A spokesperson for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, told The Guardian that investing in both green and blue hydrogen would “allow us to kickstart an entire industry from scratch that creates tens of thousands of jobs and unlocks billions of pounds worth of private investment.

“Achieving the scale we need would be more challenging if we just used green hydrogen.”

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