Log-jam easing

UK exports to EU ‘return to pre-Brexit levels’


Exporters have become familiar with new rules

UK exports to the European Union are back at pre-Brexit levels, according to official data.

Data for May and June from the Office for National Statistics shows exports rose 9.1% in May to £14.1 billion and 1.2% in June to £14.3bn.

William Bain, head of trade policy at the British Chambers of Commerce, said the data revealed how demand picked up following the end of lockdowns and the unbundling of pre-Brexit stockpiles, as firms begin to reorder.”

Non-EU exports fell by 5.6% between May and June this year.

The data also suggests that logjams at the border caused by new rules and paperwork could be beginning to ease. However, the ONS urged caution in over-interpreting the numbers.


Exports to the EU overtook non-EU countries in May 2021 and remain higher in June 2021.

However, monthly data are erratic and small movements should be treated with caution.

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