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Startup supporter Merrylees calls time on RBS career

Gordon Merrylees

Gordon Merrylees: ‘the only team I’ve played for’

One of the most familiar figures on the startup and growth scene, Gordon Merrylees, has called an end to a long banking career.

Mr Merrylees has worked with many early stage entrepreneurs in his role as managing director entrepreneurship at Royal Bank of Scotland.

After 36 years with the bank he says he’s decided to leave “the team I loved and was proud to have only ever played for”.

In an emotional post on LinkedIn he thanked those who’d also helped him and said he looked forward to the “next chapter” without stating where he will turn up.

He was instrumental in getting RBS involved in the start-up initiative Entrepreneurial Spark.

He explained in an interview three years ago how co-founder Jim Duffy had received offers from other banks and gave him 72 hours to come up with an initial investment of £75,000 to join them.

“I then did something that I probably wouldn’t advocate; the normal processes would take too long to get us the investment, but I really didn’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity.

“I knew this could completely change the future of RBS, give our people confidence again and help win back trust and advocacy with our customers and vitally, the business community – so I took a bit of a risk. I went straight to our CEO with a one page business case explaining why we needed to invest right now”.

Within 24 hours he had the money, and his gamble had paid off.

In his social media post, he said: “It just doesn’t feel like 36 years ago when a fresh-faced, eager, naive but energetic young man, turned up at his home town branch in Shotts dressed in his best suit looking like a brand new penny, ready to play his part for almost the next four decades.

“I’ve been fortunate to have helped support so many of our customers over the years, many of whom now I can call my friends.

“To my colleagues, bosses and senior execs who taught me; shared their expertise, knowledge and experience; helped me develop as a person; sponsored me and allowed me a purpose by combining my passion for all things I loved doing with a mission to support customers and entrepreneurs and create a vocation I’ve just loved. Thank you.

“This bank, “my bank”, has been good for me and good to me and for that opportunity I’ll always be eternally mindful, humble and grateful.

“The future is exciting and I look forward to sharing with you a new beginning very soon.

“Thanks for the memories everyone, it’s been an amazing journey and I look forward to the next chapter with huge excitement.”

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