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Sainsbury’s ends GB News adverts amid Farage row

Nigel Farage at Edinburgh rally

Nigel Farage: made comments about RNLI (pic: Terry Murden)

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has terminated its advertising with Andrew Neil’s GB News channel amid criticism of a campaign during Brexit champion Nigel Farage’s show.

The company said its advertising campaign with the channel had finished and that it had “no further adverts scheduled with GB News”.

It came amid attacks from campaign group LedByDonkeys and StopFundingHate which has already clashed with the new channel.

Mr Farage was criticised for comparing the RNLI to a “taxi service for illegal trafficking gangs”.


The charity said it would continue to respond to calls from the coast guard and rescue anyone in trouble at sea.

Mr Farage’s comments prompted campaigners to descend on Sainsbury’s headquarters asking it to justify “why it pays Nigel Farage’s salary by advertising on his TV show”.

Dozens also claimed to have sent letters to the supermarket urging it to boycott the channel.

4 Comments to Sainsbury’s ends GB News adverts amid Farage row

  1. I will not be buying from Sainsbury’s until they stop playing politics, that is not their job, stick to selling to ALL your customers. Go woke go Broke. I hope you get bought out by Tesco.

  2. Find below copy of a letter being sent to Mr Simon Roberts CEO of Sainsbury’s Supermarkets.

    After nearly thirty years of using Sainsbury’s as our main shop, we have made the decision, in light of your decision to withdraw your advertising with GB News, to cease using your stores. This also includes Argos and all your other brands.
    Our reason is quite simply your cowardly and spineless capitulation in succumbing to pressure from people who disagree in free speech. We may not agree with views held by Mr Farage, but we will fight to the death in defending his right to speak his views. You and your organisation, on the other hand, are apparently not in support of free speech, preferring, instead, to side with the minority who wish to shut down a media outlet and individual simply because they disagree with their views.
    It seems you have made a cardinal business mistake: letting politics influence your business decision. In our case, our decision to stop using your stores is not political, but is in defence of free speech and democracy, something you apparently have no problem in sacrificing.
    Yours sincerely

  3. Once again a business is pandering to cancel culture and the Twitter mob. Less than 20% of the population use Twitter. In contrast the general public want an end to illegal immigration. Sainsburys is making a mistake in pandering to a small minority on Twitter.

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