£8m deal threat

Rangers’ Cinch snub could see sponsor walk away

Murdoch MacLennan

Murdoch MacLennan has written to clubs

Scottish football chiefs are considering their next step in a growing row with Rangers amid fears that the league’s sponsor may tear up its £8 million sponsorship deal.

The Scottish Professional Football League signed up online car dealer Cinch on a five-year package that is the biggest title sponsorship it has agreed.

But the league champions refused to recognise Cinch during Saturday’s opening Premiership match against Livingston, with no mention of the sponsor on team shirts or around Ibrox stadium.

The club says it has long-standing sponsorship deals in place with other companies, while chairman Douglas Park owns a car dealership of his own.

Rangers believes the club is on safe legal ground because Rule 17 in the SPFL’s charter states clubs are not obliged to comply with this rule if to do so would result in that club being in breach of a contractual obligation entered into prior to the Commercial Contract concerned”.

There are also claims that the SPFL did not formally communicate to clubs before it reached its agreement with Cinch.

SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan has written to its member clubs to explain the situation and an update is expected before this weekend’s round of fixtures.

2 Comments to Rangers’ Cinch snub could see sponsor walk away

  1. If Rangers do comply with the rules and accept the new Sponsorship because of immature selfishness and one of the directors of Rangers being in the same car trade, what does it say about Douglas Park? He is once again throwing his toys out of his pram. The SPFL should this time stand up and take a stance. Why should the other Scottish Clubs have to suffer? If Rangers don’t conform then they should be removed from the league altogether. SPFL – stand up and make us proud of our leagues and TEAMS. Don’t leave us at the kerb as you have done in the past.

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