Oilfield dispute

Minister says Cambo will limit UK’s oil imports

David Duguid: ‘sources like Cambo are still required’

Scotland Office Minister David Duguid has defended plans to develop the Cambo oil field off the west coast of Scotland, as preferable to increasing the UK’s imports of fuels.

Mr Duguid will hold talks with Siccar Point Energy in Aberdeen on Tuesday “to learn more about the oil field” which was granted a licence in 2001.

On Thursday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wrote to the Prime Minister urging him to “reassess” the licence following pressure from environmental campaigners to pull the plug on Cambo.

The following day Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross wrote to Ms Sturgeon urging her to support Scottish jobs in the oil and gas industry rather than “provoking a grievance with the UK government”.

Recalling the SNP slogan, ‘It’s Scotland’s Oil’, he said the undeveloped Cambo field in the North Sea would help to protect the 100,000 jobs connected to the sector and potentially create even more.


He pointed out that oil and gas makes up 79% of all Scottish energy consumption and 91% of heat demand. The UK imported £1.6 billion of gas and £1.3 billion of petroleum products.

Ahead of his meeting with Siccar, Mr Duguid, the Conservative MP for Banff and Buchan, said: “As we transition to cleaner, low-carbon and renewable energy, demand for oil and gas is declining and will continue to do so, even with new fields such as Cambo.

“But until that transition is made, as the UK Government is pioneering with the North Sea Transition Deal, sources like Cambo are still required.

One Comment to Minister says Cambo will limit UK’s oil imports

  1. If this is the ministers take on coal, gas and oil, then every other country in the world can say/do the same. In other words he is a climate crisis denier. The cog’s (coal, oil, gas) should pay for most of the transition. They have caused this mess. The major political parties should pay some and the public pay some.

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