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Half of young feel career prospects harmed by Covid

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School leavers have been given assurances

Young people have been given assurances on the validity of their qualifications as research reveals nearly half  feel the pandemic has harmed their long-term career prospects.

Ahead of results day this week, Scottish business leaders have signed an open letter to school leavers backing a scheme offering a job or training for all 16 to 24 year olds. 

Abrdn, Aviva, BAE Systems and ScottishPower are among more than 100 firms now supporting the Young Person’s Guarantee.

The open letter reassures young Scots that their qualifications are just as respected by employers as in previous years and congratulates them for overcoming a unique set of hurdles.

It comes as new research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that nearly half of all 18–30-year-olds in Scotland (48%) feel the pandemic has harmed their long-term career prospects. Almost two-thirds (64%) say the pandemic has made their mental health worse.  

The CIPD is today launching its One Million Chances Campaign to get employers to create a million opportunities for young people aged 16 to 30. Openreach and Tesco are among the firms which have pledged their support. 

Lee Ann Panglea, head of CIPD Scotland and Northern Ireland, said:  “Employers need to step in to ensure a generation is not left behind.  

“While Brexit and much talk of staff shortages in recent months may give the impression that it should be easy for young people to walk into a job, they are still often left at the back of the queue because employers tend to favour experienced workers. 

“More employers also need to take a chance on young people – and be prepared to train them up -– given our labour supply is changing and staff shortages are becoming more prevalent.”

Author of today’s open letter, Sandy Begbie, chairman of the Young Person’s Guarantee Implementation Group and chief executive of Scottish Financial Enterprise, said: “Research by Young Scot has shown young people are anxious their qualifications and achievements will not be valued as highly by employers in comparison to previous years.

Sandy Begbie

Sandy Begbie: employers admire the young’s fortitude

“My many discussions with industry and employers resoundingly confirm the opposite.

“Instead my experience is widespread employer admiration for the fortitude and resilience young people have shown throughout all the challenges faced in the past year, and a solid commitment to create opportunities to help shape futures.”

Signatories to the SFE letter include:

·      Marc Crothall, CEO, Scottish Tourism Alliance

·      Louise Macdonald, National Director Scotland, Institute of Directors

·      Damien Yeates, CEO, Skills Development Scotland

·      James Withers, CEO, Scotland Food and Drink

·      Dr Liz Barron-Majerik, Director, LANTRA

·      Lee Ann Panglea, Head of CIPD Scotland and Northern Ireland, CIPD

·      Tracy Black, Director Scotland, CBI

·      Anna Fowlie, CEO, SCVO

·      Fiona Hodgson, CEO, SNIPEF Training Services

·      David Lonsdale, Director, Scottish Retail Consortium

·      Karen Betts, CEO, Scotch Whisky Association

·      Martin Crewe, Director, Barnardo’s

·      Susan Love, Head of External Affairs, The Federation of Small Businesses

·      Liz Cameron, CEO, Scottish Chambers of Commerce

·      Sara Thiam, CEO, Scottish Council for Development and Industry

·      Paul Carberry, Director for Scotland, Action for Children

·      Iain MacRitchie, Founder and Chair, MCR Pathways

·      Anne Wexelstein, Director for Scotland, Career Ready

·      Kate Still, Director Scotland, The Prince’s Trust

·      Kirsten Urquhart, CEO, Young Scot

·      Linda Hanna, Interim CEO, Scottish Enterprise

·      Carroll Buxton, Interim CEO, Highlands and Islands Enterprise

·      Jane Morrison-Ross, CEO, South of Scotland Enterprise

·      Sandy Begbie, CEO, Scottish Financial Enterprise

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