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Greens in government ‘will wreck economy’ say Tories

Patrick Harvie

Parick Harvie: may get seat the table

The Green Party may make history today by being invited to join the Scottish Government.

A meeting of the Cabinet is discussing allowing a Green MSP to take a ministerial role in a move aimed at strengthening the SNP’s ability to pass laws.

The SNP fell short of a majority in the May elections and is now relying on informal support from the Greens, the fourth largest party in the Scottish Parliament after winning eight seats in the election in May, while the SNP won 64 seats.

The latest plan would not create a formal coalition on the lines of the Labour-Lib Dem deal between 1999 and 2007.

Scottish Tories today claimed that the Greens joining the SNP Government would be a threat to Scotland’s recovery from Covid as they oppose oil and gas development and a number of big infrastructure projects, such as road building.


Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport, Liam Kerr, said: “An SNP-Green deal is dire news for workers and businesses.

“The Green extremists don’t belong anywhere near government. Their manifesto is a doctrine to start a war on working Scotland.

See update here: SNP agrees junior minister posts for Green party

Comment: How the green tail is wagging the SNP dog

“Drivers would be hammered by their rash proposals. The Greens want to scrap essential road projects and force most cars off the road within just a few years.

“Patrick Harvie [Scottish Greens co-leader] will push for the end of the oil and gas industry at the first chance he gets, abandoning the 100,000 jobs which depend on it. They have no interest in energy transition. They want an unfair conclusion of our North Sea sector which is developing the very means to hit net zero. 

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  1. Tories in government ‘will wreck the economy, public health and the environment’ says the reality of the last 11 years.

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