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Former school earmarked for student homes

Former school with proposed block alongside

A former high school in Edinburgh has been earmarked for the next student accommodation development.

S1 Developments has submitted a planning application to refurbish the vacant category-B listed Tynecastle High School building and the surrounding site.

The site has lain vacant for over a decade and fallen into a state of disrepair and the school has transferred to an adjacent new building.

Charities LOVE Gorgie Farm and People Know How have also been revealed as preferred operators for community facilities on the site should planning permission be granted.

The original school hall will be repurposed as a central amenity hub, sitting within a collegiate-style courtyard space and providing shared facilities for student residents.


An angular brick building is proposed alongside the period features of the former school.

The development will have zero car parking, 100% cycle parking and will use no fossil fuels.

Council guidance points to the benefits of purpose-built student accommodation in freeing up traditional housing stock for families with children and it has been estimated that a development such as this could release up to 180 properties back into the housing market. 

Dan Teague, director at S1 Developments, said: “As S1 Developments we develop sites to suit the location and have delivered hundreds of homes, including affordable homes across the city.

“Following our careful assessment of this site, we feel that student development is the most appropriate use given the constraints. This will not only secure the redevelopment of the old Tynecastle High School, and provide a boost to the local economy, but also allows us to develop the site in manner which is compatible with neighbouring uses. 

“The original school building has fallen into a sorry state since it ceased being a school over a decade ago. Whilst the redevelopment is challenging, we are hopeful that the proposed use brings with it an opportunity to save and renovate the original school building and continue its educational use, benefitting the local community.”

One Comment to Former school earmarked for student homes

  1. Edinburgh must be accommodating every student in the world for the amount of student accommodation being built, why aren’t we building affordable housing and letting the majority of students have virtual study?

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