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Firms refusing new working patterns face staff exodus

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Office workers remain nervous about returning

Almost nine in ten employees would consider looking for another job if their employer was unable to offer their preferred choice on returning to the workplace.

A survey by executive search and talent advisory firm Livingston James Group reveals that 84.4% of respondents answered ‘yes’ (51.9%) or ‘maybe’ (32.3%) when asked the question.

Livingston James surveyed more than 500 of its contacts, the majority of whom (78.5%) are employed in the private sector. 

When asked which return to work model they would prefer, 74.1% of respondents selected an office/home working hybrid, 19.3% selected working from home full time, with just 6.6% choosing to return to the office on a full-time basis. 

Only 34% of respondents agreed that they felt ‘very confident’ about returning to the workplace safely as lockdown eases.

The survey also explored productivity during lockdown, revealing that 44.2% of those surveyed felt working at home during the pandemic had allowed them to be more productive at work.


Founder and CEO of Scotland-based Livingston James Group, Jamie Livingston, commented; “Our Return to Work survey findings reveal that firms across the country are facing a real challenge when it comes to creating a workplace that feels safe and welcoming to employees whilst also catering to their preferred working model.

“There are some businesses that may feel unable to offer a hybrid home/office work model that could result in significant employee attrition.

“At a time when talent is thin on the ground in many areas, particularly in the technology sector and in next generation leaders in general, organisations need to think long and hard about how to manage the talent pipeline, holding on to current staff whilst also attracting new talent.”

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