Shortages increase

Call for lorry driver visas to ease supply crisis


Supermarkets have been struggling for some supplies

Businesses are urging the UK government to add lorry drivers to the list of “essential” workers to help ease the shortage of supplies reaching UK supermarkets and factories.

Haulage and retail industry leaders say there is a shortfall of 90,000 to 100,000 drivers and they are calling on the Government to take urgent action amid fears that crucial Christmas deliveries will be disrupted.

They want HGV drivers from the EU to be given visas and allowed into the country to help ease the crisis.

The Office for National Statistics said yesterday that 27% of food services and accommodation firms have reported lower than normal stock levels – the worst-hit of all the sectors.

The managing director of Iceland, Richard Walker, said it is “criminal” that drivers are not eligible for these visas, yet they are available to visiting ballerinas and concert pianists.

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