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Van der Kuyl will quit if advice group is ‘talking shop’

Chris van der Kuyl

Chris van der Kuyl: ‘we will lose patience’ (pic: Terry Murden)

One of Scotland’s highest profile entrepreneurs has warned that he and others will quit Nicola Sturgeon’s new advisory council if it turns into a mere “talking shop”.

Chris van der Kuyl, chairman of 4J Studios, best-known for developing the console versions of Minecraft, is among the members of the new council which replaced the former council of economic advisers.

The group, which includes entrepreneurs, academics and trade unionists, was formed to deliver “an ambitious ten-year national strategy which will drive Scotland’s economic transformation as the country recovers from the coronavirus pandemic”.

However, Mr Van der Kuyl, said it could fall apart if it fails to deliver.

“Quite quickly people like me and some of the others involved will lose patience,” he said yesterday.

His comments follows damning criticism of the former council by a former chief executive of Scottish Enterprise.

Jack Perry told Daily Business that the Scottish government’s new Council is “window dressing” and its proposals will be ignored.

Mr Perry, who was head of Scottish Enterprise and chairman of CBI Scotland, also said it is “staggering” that neither the chairmen nor CEOs of both Scottish Enterprise or Highlands and Islands Enterprise have been invited to join the new group.

In correspondence with Daily Business Mr Perry said the SNP government will, in any event, “ignore what the Council proposes” because “they never paid any attention to the old Council”.

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