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Scots Tory director McInnes to advise Johnson

‘HMG finally getting it’, said Ruth Davidson, right, following Mark McInnes appointment

Mark McInnes, who has been credited with helping to revive the Scottish Tories, is leaving his post as party director to become a special adviser to the Prime Minister.

The former Edinburgh city councillor, who sits in the House of Lords as Baron McInnes of Kilwinning, is expected to inject new purpose into the party’s campaign to push the merits of the union.

On learning of the news, former Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson, now also in the Lords, said: “Thoroughly positive all round – both in design and personnel. HMG [Her Majesty’s Government] finally getting it.”

Current leader Douglas Ross said: “He has been central to the renewal of our party over the last decade and has made an invaluable contribution to the Conservative and unionist cause as director, as a constituency agent before that and, as we all were to begin with, a voluntary activist.”

Scottish party chairman, Rab Forman said: “Over the last two decades, Mark has been instrumental in driving forward the revival of our party in Scotland.”

Mr McInnes said: “Together we have achieved so much, helping win the 2014 referendum, contributing to the election of Conservative governments, and firmly establishing the Scottish Conservatives as Scotland’s second biggest party and real alternative to the SNP.

“I know that the party will go on to even greater success in future.”

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