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Commons debate

MP to highlight plight of 3m ‘excluded’ from support

Freelance worker

Many freelancers have received no government help

An SNP MP will today urge the UK government to deliver meaningful support to individuals and businesses who remain excluded from financial support. 

Owen Thompson will lead a debate in the Commons highlighting the plight of three million workers across the United Kingdom – all of whom were not granted access to the Job Retention Scheme or the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme in May 2020.

Despite campaigning for over a year on the issue – alongside grassroots organisation including ‘ExcludedUK’ and ‘We Make Events’ – an estimated 10% of the UK workforce are still waiting on any meaningful support package to help them through the pandemic. 

The MP for Midlothian said these workers had been forgotten or ignored. 

“Restrictions may be easing but the issues for those who have been excluded will not disappear,” he said. “Rising debt after a year with next to no income means the next few months will still be extremely difficult. 

“These individuals, through no fault of their own, have fallen through the cracks of the UK governments financial support system, with many receiving no support whatsoever. This is a shameful situation, and one that the UK government must now take action to fix. 


“Key sectors to the economy such as the music industry, the performing arts, and outdoor festivals have been brought to their knees – they rely on an army of freelancers right across the supply chain whose income has been devastated overnight and will take some time to recover. 

“I’m now urging the UK government to heed the calls and take meaningful action that will help secure the long-term future of these sectors, and the individuals that work within them.

“Proposals on how to plug these gaps have been presented to the Treasury over and over again, yet they remain sitting on the table. The onus is now very much on this Tory government to develop a workable solution to tackle this growing problem as restrictions ease.”

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