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Promotion dispute

BrewDog Instagram advert banned for health claims

BrewDog’s latest advertising has caused a new dispute

Maverick brewer BrewDog has been caught in another marketing dispute after the advertising watchdog banned one of its latest promotions.

The Advertising Standards Authority challenged whether the advert for BrewDog’s Clean & Press seltzer used nutrition claims that were not permitted for alcoholic drinks.

It said that the phrase “a little bit of alcohol” implied that the drink was low alcohol despite the product having an alcoholic strength by volume (ABV) of 5%.

A Brewdog spokesman said: “We have accepted the ASA ruling and have removed the wording in question.”

The company posted a message on Instagram saying “Due to advertising regulations we cannot claim this drink is healthy,” but continued with a reference to a low calorie claim.

Brewdog said the ad was “tongue-in-cheek” but agreed not to use it again.

Brewdog was also reported to the ASA last week for claiming a competition prize was solid gold and worth £15,000.

The Aberdeenshire firm had offered 10 people the chance to find a gold can hidden in a case of its beer.

Several winners of the gold beer can prize contested Brewdog’s claim about its value when they discovered it was merely gold plated.

One of the winners complained after he discovered it was actually brass with a 24 carat gold plating and valued at just £500.

The Advertising Standards Authority continues to look into whether the competition breached any of its rules.

Brewdog said it stood by the valuation.

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