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Bedding designer secures cashmere filling patent

Joan Johnston: ‘thrilled’

A producer of luxury bedding has been granted patent protection for her cashmere-filled duvet fabric.

Joan Johnston, founder Ava Innes, a home-based company in Moray, said the award adds significantly to the brand’s value and is confirmation of the uniqueness of this new type of insulating fibre and its application.

The Cashmere guard hair filling has been developed using the by-product of cashmere.

It is the long-haired fibre from the cashmere goat which until now has been largely overlooked by the global textile cashmere industry.

Ms Johnston, originally from Northern Ireland, moved to the Highlands in 2013 where she worked for Johnstons of Elgin. She launched Ava Innes just two years ago.

She said: “I am thrilled to have been awarded the patent for our natural insulating fill.

“I am very proud that we make all our sustainable, premium products in Scotland and Yorkshire, and in so doing supporting local jobs within the UK textile industry. We also partner with small, UK independent makers.”

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