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Baroness Davidson of Lundin Links heads to Lords

Ruth Davidson announcing her resignation in August 2019 (pic: Terry Murden)

Former Scottish Conservative Leader, Ruth Davidson, will join the House of Lords on Tuesday, and will take the title Baroness Davidson of Lundin Links, the Fife village where she spent her childhood.

She becomes the fifth former Scottish party leader to be appointed to the House of Lords, following the appointments of Jack McConnell (Lab), Jim Wallace and Nicol Stephen (Lib Dem), and Annabel Goldie (Con). There is one current MSP, Katy Clark (Lab), who is also a current member of the House of Lords.

Ms Davidson will be introduced in the Upper Chamber by Mark McInnes, director of the Scottish Conservatives and Richard Keen, former chairman of the Scottish Conservatives and former Advocate General. 

Ms Davidson served as an MSP from 2011 to 2021. Once tipped as a future UK Tory leader and even Prime Minister, she stood down as leader of the Scottish Conservatives in August 2019.

Her appointment to the Lords was announced in July 2020 but she said she would not take her seat until she had completed her term of office at Holyrood. 

Speaking ahead of her introduction, she said: “The job in the House of Lords is to scrutinise and amend legislation -– basically, to make sure all UK-wide laws are fit for purpose. 


“This is important work and it’s vital that it is undertaken by a mix of people from all backgrounds and all parts of the country.

“As a teenage Modern Studies pupil, learning about politics at Buckhaven High School, I didn’t believe that someone like me could ever have the chance to serve in not one, but two parliaments. I hope to take all of the experience I’ve gained over the last decade in Holyrood and put it to good use in my new role.   

“I am keen to make a contribution in areas of importance to me such as gambling reform, end of life choices and the constitution, and pledge to work with members from all parties and none in reforming the House of Lords into a democratic chamber.

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