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AMTE Power in JV battery plan with Aussie firm

Batteries will be made by the two companies

AMTE Power, the Scotland-based lithium battery company, and InfraNomics, an infrastructure developer in Australia, have agreed a joint venture to build a new battery plant.

The two companies have signed a heads of terms agreement that follows a previous MOU announcement signed on 15 September last year.

The joint venture, which will be based in Western Australia, will see the companies form a business with shared ownership, Bardan Cells Pty.

In a joint statement, the companies announced their intention to develop the manufacturing, sales and distribution business using Thurso-based AMTE’s licensed technology and manufacturing expertise to build cells for use in power storage systems. 

The business will operate from “Lithium Valley” Kwinana Industrial zone, an area dedicated to the development of Lithium related products. Lithium Valley will also provide access to raw materials, local technical expertise.

The Australian Government wants to develop its sovereign supply chains, and the use of this extensive industrial ecosystem supports its regional strategic plans.

Bardan intends to offer customers robust, safe, premium performance products, developed using net zero carbon manufacturing techniques, for use in long term power storage solutions.

Dave Pell, CCO at AMTE Power said, “The creation of Bardan Cells Pty Ltd is hugely exciting. We’re thrilled with this development that will further allow us to develop sustainable cells, not only in for the UK but also in in a mineral rich country like Australia.

“Most importantly, though, we’re excited to become an important part of Western Australia’s future, as it moves focus towards renewable energy.”

Mr Pell added: “After the success of our recent IPO, on the AIM – in which we raised nearly twice the amount that we’d hope, we’re determined to build on this momentum and accelerate further.

“We’re committed to using only the best materials and that’s why we’re targeting the “Lithium Valley” for this project.”

Power storage is at the heart of the global transformation of energy and Bardan plans to deliver sustainable and traceable products based on materials sourced from its its sovereign local supply chains, to these markets.

Current plans are to build an initial manufacturing  microcline plant leading to a planned gigafactory to capture a portion of the growing market for niche power storage applications. Off-take agreements are in the process of being finalised to support the factory build out.

Cameron Edwards, director and founder at InfraNomics, commented: “The relationship with AMTE provides Bardan and its customers the advanced technological expertise required to make world class products suitable for extreme environments.

“The global transformation of energy is one of the largest growth markets in the world and we are delighted to be playing a role in reshoring manufacturing in the Australian energy sector and creating an essential piece in the critical raw materials value chain.  

“The formation of Bardan Cells in Lithium Valley was the logical next step for us, with AMTE, Bardan is able to fast track local power storage manufacturing.” 

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