Return to high street

17,000 shops to open as consumers ‘look local’

Stockbridge shops

Local shops are set to thrive

Shopping in shops is back. New research by Barclays Corporate Banking reveals that 17,000 local high street stores could open across the UK in the next 12 months as shoppers adapt to a post-lockdown world by ‘looking local’.

In a new report published today, Retail Unlocked, Barclays’ data shows that consumers in Scotland have returned to physical stores with confidence since restrictions began to ease.

It reports that 69% say they have felt safe, or very safe, to return to the high street. A significant portion (39%) are planning on stepping up their in-store shopping over the coming year and 42% say that it is their favourite way to shop. 

However, the benefits are most likely to be seen in local high streets rather than in big cities. Almost a third of consumers (31%) across Scotland now say that the best way a retailer can appeal to them is to open stores in their local area.

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