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Tigerbond ready to roar after Beattie MBO

Elspeth Brown, Rachel Gladwin, Laurna woods, Joanne Spence and Chris Gilmour

Beattie Communications was officially laid to rest today following the completion of a management buy-out and rebranding.

The PR agency has been trading as Tigerbond since April, a month after the MBO was announced in the wake of a social media failure that forced Beattie Communications’ founder Gordon Beattie to resign.

He made a comment about hiring blacks, gays and Catholics which some deemed racist and homophobic. Others said they understood that his intention was to say that the firm only hired “talented people”, but the message had been lost by being clumsily worded. He apologised, but stepped down from the firm he set up 35 years ago.

The manner of his downfall was seen as ironic given that he had spent a career advising others how to avoid such mistakes.

The reborn business is now owned by majority shareholder and chief executive Laurna Woods and her leadership team of Elspeth Brown, Joanne Spence, Rachel Gladwin and Chris Gilmour.

Ms Woods confirmed that the entire client book, agency personnel, office network in the UK, Ireland and Canada and the suite of Only boutiques are included in the acquisition. She told Daily Business in April that the company had picked up new business after the furore over Mr Beattie’s post on LinkedIn.

“Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for our talented team and fantastic clients,” she said.

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“We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response we’ve had from long standing and new clients since we rebranded as Tigerbond last month.

“We have big plans for the agency both in the UK and overseas as we strengthen our offer and further extend our footprint and headcount in the months and years ahead.”

The company was established in Lanarkshire in the 1980s as Beattie Media, but is now headquartered in London, though it retains an office in Scotland.

The MBO team was advised by Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

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