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Ryanair leads legal challenge over travel restrictions


Ryanair: challenging

A number of airlines, led by Ryanair and Manchester Airport Group, are expected to launch a legal challenge against the UK government over the travel traffic light system.

It comes amid growing frustration in the travel industry that the government has failed to explain the rationale behind its decisions.

The trigger for what is likely to be a call for a judicial review has been the quick u-turn over placing Portugal on the green list in mid-May.

There is also a view that based on health data the Balearic and Greek Islands should have been on the green list.

The government’s change of plan caused huge disruption to the travel and aviation sectors who are concerned that public confidence in travelling is being eroded.

The companies involved in the action were reported as saying the current opaque way that decisions are being made…makes it impossible for airports, airlines and other travel companies to plan for the recovery of international travel or work with the government on future reviews.

However, any action by the industry is likely to face resistance from health professionals and those members of the public who believe the government is right to impose restrictions, even at short notice, if it protects the wider population.

Some believe the industry is more interested in its bottom line and that those who insist on taking holidays abroad are being selfish.

A government spokesperson said: “We recognise this is a challenging period for the sector, as we seek to balance the timely reopening of international travel while safeguarding public health and protecting the vaccine roll-out.”

“We have provided £7bn to help support for the industry during the pandemic.”

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