MoU signed

Nova and Sabella in tidal energy collaboration

Simon Forrest

Simon Forrest: pathway

Tidal energy technology companies, Nova Innovation and Sabella, are to combine their expertise to scale up operations in the UK and France.

The alliance, formalised in a memorandum of understanding, aims to drive down costs, unite opportunities for funding, and deliver economies of scale to tackle the climate emergency.

Simon Forrest, CEO of the Scottish firm Nova Innovation, said: “Following a similar evolution to the commercialisation of the wind sector, this MoU creates a pathway to accelerate delivery of larger, high-impact projects to take tidal energy mainstream.”

Fanch Le Bris, CEO of France-based Sabella, added: “We can already see significant benefits from our teams working together to build capacity for tidal energy across France and the UK and making tidal energy a commercial reality.”

Founded in 2010, Nova Innovations has offices in Scotland, Belgium, Ireland, Wales, and Canada.  

In 2016, it installed the world’s first offshore tidal array in Shetland, Scotland. The array has been powering homes, businesses and the Shetland grid for more than five years.

Two years later it partnered with Tesla to deliver the world’s first game-changing technology capable of complementing wind and solar power to displace baseload fossil fuel generation.

Last year it won contracts to install 15 turbines in Canada. This ground-breaking project secures Nova’s first North American project and shows a clear route to market for Nova’s technology.

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