GreenSkies launch

Loganair first to add carbon charge to cost of flight

Jonathan Hinkles: huge task ahead

Loganair will become the first airline in the UK to directly relate the cost of flying to its environmental impact.

From this summer a £1 carbon offset charge will be included in the ticket price for every customer’s flight.

The charge is part of the Scottish company’s GreenSkies environmental programme as it commits to being fully carbon neutral by 2040.

Funds raised through the GreenSkies charge will be invested in projects across the world to remove the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere as is generated by Loganair flights.

These include initiatives such as reforestation projects and wind farms that will replace carbon-heavy coal and gas-fired power stations.

Loganair becomes the first UK regional airline to take such an ambitious step towards managing and mitigating the environmental impact of flying.


The GreenSkies initiative, launching on 1 July, encompasses an immediate programme of carbon offsets to remove the same amount of carbon from the environment as that generated from every Loganair flight.

At the same time, the airline is tackling the long-term goal of introducing sustainable aircraft into its fleet. Live trials are taking place in the Orkney Islands this summer on developmental aircraft powered by hydrogen and renewable electricity.

This is the first step to fully converting Loganair’s fleet to net zero carbon emissions by 2040.

Later this year, Loganair will also establish a new fund to provide grants to help with the cost of establishing renewable energy projects in the communities that it serves.

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