Letter to Sturgeon

FM ‘must explain travel red card while fans boogie’

Glasgow Airporrt face coverings

Travel sector bosses are angry over government policy

A travel industry leader has demanded First Minister Nicola Sturgeon explain why the sector remains under tight restrictions while football fans are allowed to ‘boogie’.

In an open letter to Ms Sturgeon, the Scottish Passenger Agents’ Association has again listed inconsistencies in the application of Covid rules and warned that many in the travel industry face “destitution”.

The association has accused Ms Sturgeon of “not caring” about the sector and has invited her to meet representatives who will be demonstrating outside the Scottish parliament this week.

There is particular anger that that the industry is effectively shut down while thousands of football fans are being permitted to mingle during the Euro 2020 tournament.

The association’s concern follows comments by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham who said the SNP’s ban on travel from Scotland to Manchester, imposed last Friday, is an example of “double standards and hypocrisy”.

In the letter to the First Minister, SPAA president Joanne Doeey, says: “In case you hadn’t noticed – and to be frank we think you either haven’t noticed or you don’t care – travel is grounded, travel is beached. travel has run aground. travel is a sinking ship.

“We, the travel industry in Scotland, will be outside Holyrood at 12.30 on Wednesday 23 June and we challenge you to meet us, face to face over our respective facemasks, to tell us why travel has been given the red card, while football is permitted to boogie with mass fan zones.

“And we’ve got plenty more questions for you too.

“You told us that Scotland needed strong leadership and, as an industry we are talking with one voice today and asking you to show that leadership to the travel sector.

“Come and meet our members and tell them why you have effectively banned travel.

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