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Battery firm AMTE Power to lead electric car project

AMTE is based in Thurso

AMTE Power, the Scottish battery manufacturer, has been chosen as lead supplier in a new Government-funded project aimed at preparing for the switch to electric-powered vehicles.

The project will be part funded by a £5 million grant from the UK Government’s Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), which is focused on supporting the UK automotive industry in the lead up to the electrification of the market in 2030.

The funding will be divided between AMTE Power and three other automotive supply chain companies with AMTE Power receiving £2.3 million, over the next three years.

Jaguar electric car

Car manufacturers will work with the four project firms

They will work with global car companies who will steer the battery firms towards volume manufacture.

The three others involved in the Ultra project are Magtec, designer of electric drive systems; Petalite, a leader in electric vehicle charging; and Avocet, the precision metal supplier.

In March, and as part of its expansion strategy, AMTE Power was admitted to the Alternative Investment Market. It has the second largest cell manufacturing capacity in the UK at its base in Thurso and has a product development team based in Oxford.

Kevin Brundish, chief executive, said: “The APC selects companies who they believe will be key players in the UK’s electric vehicle supply chain, and funds projects that will take products into this high volume market.

Kevin Brundish: ideal position

“Working closely with leading automotive manufacturers and supply chain companies is an ideal position to be in as we work towards volume production of our products.  

“Importantly, this project will not affect the existing commercialisation plans for these cells, as set out at the time of our IPO, it will instead be complementary and focus on readiness to mass produce for our targeted automotive client base.”


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