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'Struggle with support'

Baird blasts bank as she eyes hospital expansion

Gill Baird

Gill Baird: ‘we didn’t fit bank’s criteria (pic: Terry Murden)

Health care entrepreneur Gill Baird is planning further expansion at her new hospital in Livingston even before it opens – and has taken a swipe at her bank for failing to support her.

The founder of Cosmedicare, the cosmetic surgery business in Edinburgh, is due to open the St Ellen’s facility this summer and says demand has encouraged her to start planning the next phase.

It will mean substantially expanding the 12,443 sq ft single storey pavilion building on the Kirkton Campus which will house a private day case hospital.

“We’re just about nearing completion of the build and are already planning expansions to the Livingston site and sourcing other sites across the country for further expansion,” she says in an interview.

But says she has been forced to self-finance the plans because her bank was reluctant to help.

“Financing St Ellen’s was a challenge at points and we struggled with bank finance, which I wanted in order to take pressure off me.


“I applied for help though a women’s fund, but we didn’t fit their criteria, so the project is self-funded,” she tells Scotland on Sunday.

“Aside from expanding St Ellen’s, there are so many opportunities. The opening of our new hospital in Livingston this summer has expanded our horizons in so many ways.

“The hardest decisions are related to which opportunities to pursue, whether it be widening our surgical specialties, facilitating NHS and private healthcare insurance services, incorporating overnight facilities.

“Each one has its pros and cons. We will be recruiting more staff as I expect the business to continue expanding.”

She will be hiring for the new hospital which is backed by a training academy and mentoring programme for medics and non-medical professionals looking to practise in aesthetics and cosmetic surgery.

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