Construction starts

Austrian whisky fan invests in new Scotch distillery

Roland Grain: sharing a vision

Ardgowan Distillery, being built near Inverkip, has received £7.2 million from an Austrian investor to allow work to begin.

Other support from new and existing investors takes total funds raised to £8.4m.

The bulk of the new equity comes from Roland Grain, a 47-year-old founder, owner and CEO of IT company Grain GmbH which operates in 17 countries. He has a long track record of investment in distilleries.

The Ardgowan distillery is also in discussion with a loan provider that will provide additional debt funding for the flagship project in the coming weeks. 

Mr Grain said: “My passion for whisky began as a teenager in Austria when I began to collect Scotch whisky and today I am thrilled to become the major shareholder in the Ardgowan Distillery.  

“My wish is for this project to create a lasting connection to the community and produce the highest possible quality whisky and over time achieve the lowest possible CO2 footprint.

“The company founders Martin McAdam, Alan Baker and I have a shared vision of what we can achieve.

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