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Appointedd boosted by changing work patterns

Leah Hutcheon: ‘adapting our services’

Appointedd, the online booking and scheduling service has revealed how changes to working practices during Covid-19 boosted demand for its services.

Since the beginning of the pandemic the business has seen a 535% rise in booking numbers and 138% rise in new enterprise level clients. It has been used in 183 countries. 

As a result of this growth headcount has grown 70%, from 17 in March 2020 to 29, with recruitment ongoing.

The business was founded in 2011 as an online 24/7 booking service for small hair and beauty salons and now powers businesses of all sizes across 16 sectors.  

Covid-19 saw demand rise as organisations sought to engage with their customers, employees and users in new socially distanced ways.

One client, Paul McBride from formal wear hirer Moss Bros, said: “We saw a 300% rise in appointment demand from pre to post pandemic times., Add this to the fact that 80% of these appointments result in a sale and it’s quite an exciting environment to be in.”

Leah Hutcheon, founder and CEO at Appointedd, said: “When the pandemic struck we knew we were in a unique position to help a huge variety of businesses and organisations operate safely and adhere to social distancing requirements.

“This has involved us adapting our services for use cases from occupational Covid-19 testing for offshore contractors, to beauty brands using Appointedd to connect with thousands of customers at once and now helping businesses across all sectors return to work safely with desk and office entry booking.”

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