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Sturgeon sets course for showdown with Johnson

Nicola Sturgeon calls for the right to choose

UPDATE MAY 9: Nicola Sturgeon hailed the return of an SNP government at Holyrood by preparing the country for a showdown with Westminster.

Ms Sturgeon, party leader and First Minister, warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to stand in the way of a new Scottish independence referendum to “give people in Scotland the right to choose their future”.

On Sunday said she would join other devolved government leaders at a Team UK summit called by the Prime Minister.

Business leaders immediately warned that she will “not be forgiven” if she prioritises splitting the UK.

The SNP was elected for a fourth term having won 64 seats, just one short of an overall majority.

Ms Sturgeon used her victory speech to repeat calls for another referendum.

“Usually – and by the normal standards of democracy – parties are expected to deliver on the commitments they make in elections, not face attempts to block them from doing so,’ she said.


“Given the outcome of this election, there is simply no democratic justification whatsoever for Boris Johnson or anyone else seeking to block the right of the people of Scotland to choose our future.

“If there is such an attempt it will demonstrate conclusively that the UK is not a partnership of equals and that Westminster no longer sees the UK as a voluntary union of nations.

‘That in itself would be a very powerful argument for Scotland becoming an independent country.”

Downing Street has insisted it would resist any attempt by the SNP to unilaterally try to hold a referendum. Mr Johnson refused to support what he called the “irresponsible” move that could break up the union.

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