Prime Vision alliance

Stamp Free deal enhances product ‘recognition’

Hugh Craigie Halkett: end-to-end solution

Digital postage firm Stamp Free has signed an alliance with software company Prime Vision which offers solutions in barcode reading, sorting decision systems, video coding and robotics.

Edinburgh-based Stamp Free is an early stage technology company which is developing a digital stamp product to send parcels, letters and returns without the need for a postage stamp or printed postage.

Prime Vision CEO Eddy Thans said: “With Prime Vision’s extensive global experience in integrating postal and parcel solutions using OCR and Artificial Intelligence, it was a natural step to enter into a partnership with Stamp Free on their digital stamp products.”

Stamp Free managing director Hugh Craigie Halkett said: “We have been working with Prime Vision to ensure that mail items sent via the Stamp Free app can be recognised by postal companies utilising their OCR technology.

“We are delighted to form a strategic alliance to create an effective end-to-end solution with postal companies.”

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