Ministerial prospects

SNP and Greens in talks over co-operation deal

Scottish Parliament Holyrood

Holyrood could see a new style of politics (pic: Terry Murden)

The SNP and Greens are considering formal talks over a “cooperation agreement” that could see the Greens take ministerial posts.

Preliminary talks have already taken place and have been described by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as “potentially ground-breaking” and a new way of doing politics in Scotland.

It is not thought likely that any ministerial posts would be at Cabinet level and would follow similar models in other countries where there are confidence-and-supply arrangements.

In Scotland’s case the Greens could agree to back the government in budget and confidence votes. Lorna Slater, co-leader of the Scottish Greens said it would be more of a cooperation agreement than a coaltion.

The SNP could see the formalising of Green party support as vital in key policy areas, such as the Budget and independence, after it failed to secure a majority at the 6 May elections.


Douglas Ross: Greens don’t believe in business growth (pic: Terry Murden)

However, there are fundamental divisions between the two parties, notably on the future of oil and gas and on plans for road building.

After First Minister’s Questions today Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross raised growing concerns and frustrations among businesses in Glasgow which remains in level three lockdown. He said: “Businesses don’t see anyone around the SNP Government table who is fighting their corner.

“Instead of bringing in business people who understand how to create jobs, it’s the Greens who may get a seat around the First Minister’s table.

“A Green party that doesn’t even believe in economic growth and is willing to risk the tens of thousands of jobs supported by our oil and gas industry.

“A holier-than-thou Green party that only supports businesses when they’re flouting Covid rules at high-end Edinburgh bars.”

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