Retraining opportunity

SkillSeeder app enables users to share knowledge

Co-founders of the app that emerged from CivTech

An app that gives users the chance to learn or pass on their skills has been launched on the back of support for rural communities.

Co-founded by four entrepreneurs, Kerry Cowan, Simon Rigden, David Ritchie and James Ritchie,  SkillSeeder provides a solution for improving access to upskilling.  

It was created in response to the Scottish Government’s CivTech 5 programme to support learning in rural communities. Funding has been allocated from the Scottish Government.

Others with skills they’d like to pass on are being encouraged to register and earn extra income.

Kerry Cowan said, “We are calling for skill sharers across Scotland to register on SkillSeeder.  

“We are keen to ensure that as many skills as possible are listed – from cooking to fitness, music to horticulture, whether it be for work or for leisure, we are excited to offer people in Scotland as much chance as possible to learn something new or upskill their abilities.”

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