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No place for Leonard and Rowley in Sarwar’s team

Anas Sarwar

Anas Sarwar: new talents (pic: Terry Murden)

Scottish Labour Leader Anas Sarwar has announced his new front bench with the notable absence of his predecessor Richard Leonard and former deputy leader Alex Rowley.

They are the only two of the 22 Labour MSPs not to be given shadow Cabinet or junior ministerial positions.

Jackie Baillie remains as shadow for health and social care, but also takes on the role of shadow Covid recovery secretary.

Mr Sarwar described it as a team focused on “delivering a national recovery for the people of Scotland”. 

He said it brought “new talents” who had already brought an energy and enthusiasm that continues to build on the sense of optimism from the election campaign.”

Mr Sarwar said: “This team demonstrates a relentless focus on protecting lives and livelihoods and taking the bold action needed to build a fairer and more equal nation coming through this crisis.

“Scottish Labour, under my leadership, will work with anyone in the national interest where there is agreement, but we will not hesitate in pushing the government to go further when it is too timid and we will expose the government’s failures when they get it wrong.

Leader – Anas Sarwar 

Deputy Leader, Shadow Secretary for Covid Recovery & Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care  – Jackie Baillie 

  • Shadow Minister for Mental Wellbeing, Women’s Health and Sport – Carol Mochan 
  • Shadow Minister for Public Health and  Social Care – Paul O’Kane
  • Shadow Minister for Drugs Policy – Claire Baker  

Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland – Ian Murray

Shadow Minister for Parliamentary Business and Transport – Neil Bibby 

Shadow Minister for Land Reform, Islands and Chief Whip – Rhoda Grant

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy  – Daniel Johnson 

  • Shadow Minister for Employment and Public Finance  – Paul Sweeney 

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport – Monica Lennon  

  • Shadow Minister for Environment, Biodiversity – Mercedes Villalba

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills – Michael Marra  

  • Shadow Minister for Children and Young People, Lifelong Learning and Youth Employment – Martin Whitfield

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Justice – Pauline McNeill  

  • Shadow Minister for Community Safety – Katy Clark

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Housing and  Local Government – Mark Griffin  

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Social  Justice and  Social  Security – Pam Duncan-Glancy

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Economic Development and Rural Affairs – Colin Smyth

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the  Constitution, External Affairs and Culture – Sarah Boyack  

Shadow Minister for Culture, Europe and  International Development – Foysol Choudhury

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