Tackling 'range anxiety'

Motorway service stations get more EV charge points

Electric charging

Motorists want more charging points

Motorway service areas and key trunk road locations across the country will get the cabling they need to install 1,800 ultra-rapid electric charge points, tripling the current network.

A further 1,750 will be supported in towns and cities to tackle the problem of ‘range anxiety’ as drivers make the switch from petrol and diesel to electric.

The installations are part of an initial £300 million investment announced by energy regulator Ofgem and a much bigger plan to ensure Britain has the energy infrastructure it needs to support the move to low carbon transport and heating while maintaining secure supplies.

The total investment is expected to be more than £40 billion through Ofgem’s regulation of energy networks.

Every region in Britain will benefit from today’s announcement, with 204 net zero projects worth £300.5 million across England, Scotland and Wales. These shovel-ready, low carbon projects start this year, supporting clean transport and heat, and opening up local electricity grids to take on more low carbon generation.


While electric car ownership is on the rise, Ofgem research has found that 36% of households that do not intend to get an electric vehicle are put off making the switch over a lack of charging points near their home.

An extensive motorway charging network and more charging points in cities and train stations will help address this ‘range anxiety’, so Ofgem is accelerating investment to boost charge point installation.

Locations such as Glasgow, Kirkwall, Warrington, Llandudno, York and Truro will benefit from increased network capacity to support more ultra-rapid charge points, increased renewable electricity generation and the move to more electric heating for homes and businesses.

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