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Jenners building to undergo four-year restoration

Faded glory: Jenners was closed by Frasers (pic: Terry Murden)

Edinburgh’s famous Jenners building will undergo a major restoration by its owner to ensure it remains a department store.

Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen will spend millions of pounds over the next four years restoring the 183-year-old building on Princes Street.

Former tenant Frasers Group, owned by Mike Ashley, has now returned the Jenners signs it had removed. It has closed the store though it retains the Jenners brand..

Under the plan about 10,000m2 of disused rooms above the department store in the six storey building will be made into a hotel.

A cafe will be created between the department store and hotel.

Jenners owned by House of Fraser

The store is a famous Edinburgh landmark (pic: Terry Murden)

Anders Krogh Vogdrup – the director of Mr Povlsen’s AAA United, which owns the Jenners building – said: “The Jenners building on Princes Street in Edinburgh is set for an exciting restoration, which will revive the much-loved building’s Victorian heritage and re-establish its prominence on the principal retail street of Scotland’s capital.

“The ambition is to bring the iconic Jenners building into a new era, by aspiring to return the building to its original glory and quality – recreating the feeling of a grand department store, while also adding new modern facilities.

Shopping elegance: Jenners interior in 1895

“The project is first and foremost about helping to preserve a unique historic building in Edinburgh.

“We are pursuing the project because we have a passion for architecture and historical buildings. Already when we acquired the building, we knew that it came with a great deal of responsibility.”

He said one of the highlights of the project would be the restoration of the central atrium – a three-storey, top-lit grand saloon.

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