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Fashion launch ‘to benefit workers and cut waste’

Bangladesh garment workers

Lost Stock tackled the plight of Bangladeshi garment workers

Retail technology entrepreneur Cally Russell is driving an initiative to change the way shoppers buy quality fashion clothing.

Mr Russell, founder of the shopping app Mallzee, has pulled together the team behind Lost Stock to launch This is Unfolded which promises to improve conditions for factory workers and cut out waste.

This is Unfolded says it will deliver sustainable clothes at affordable prices, pay garment workers improved wages and create long term positive impact with every sale funding months of education for a child in India.

Over 30% of newly-produced clothes are never worn and end up in landfill, and last year, in response to Covid, fashion brands cancelled more than $2bn of completed clothes orders, making no payments to the garment workers who produced them. 

A small team in Scotland came together to launch Lost Stock to sell these clothes as mystery clothing boxes, with the money generated being donated to support garment workers in Bangladesh. In only seven months Lost Stock supported 113,000 people in Bangladesh for over one month each and built a community of more than 100,000 shoppers in 10 countries.

Cally Russell: mission

The team behind Lost Stock is now on a mission to create permanent and lasting change by building a new way to fashion shop. 

This is Unfolded pioneers a new factory to consumer model combined with a unique community driven approach and data insights, to drastically reduce product wastage and industry inefficiencies.

This is Unfolded was softly launched in March 2021, taking almost 2,000 orders in just three weeks and supporting 550 children in education for a year. From this Collection only 1% of orders were returned, well under the 30% normally seen in the industry. 

Cally Russell, CEO and co-founder of This is Unfolded, said: “It’s clear the retail industry is totally broken, what we saw last year with billions of dollars of orders being cancelled with little or no regard for workers shows it’s time to re-balance the system.

“This is Unfolded is on a mission to create a new model of retail that’s better for the planet, society, workers and for consumers.

“We do this by removing the waste from the bloated system to fund improvements across product and our supply chain. Our work with Lost Stock showed us that consumers are ready for something different.” 

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