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Dishwasher that also disinfects your phone

Clean up: Capsule can sanitise personal items

A Scottish tech company and university have combined to create a dishwasher that can also disinfect personal items such as phones, keys and wallets.

Loch Electronics and Robert Gordon University say their compact ‘Capsule’ device integrates medical grade UV lights inside a washing hub, which can help prevent the spread and transmission of COVID-19 through contaminated surfaces.

Capsule was designed and developed by Francisco Carreno, CEO and co-founder of Loch Electronics, who says there is nothing like it on the market.

The device takes just 15 minutes to wash two meals’ worth of dishes using only two jars of water. On eco mode, Capsule can save 86% of water use and 73% of energy consumption when compared to washing dishes by hand, which allows households to make financial savings while also being environmentally friendly.

Capsule can also be used with or without plumbing and can also wash fruit and vegetables.

Its creators claim it can help reduce the contribution to the country’s carbon footprint by 3.5% per household or 3 million tons of CO2 per year.

The collaborative project has been funded through the Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher administered by Interface, as well as the Scottish Enterprise “Unlocking Ambition” programme and Climate-KIC EIT through Edinburgh Climate Change Institute.

Dr Taimoor Asim, Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering, who supported the development of the project said the “is not only environmentally sustainable and energy efficient, but also highly effective in addressing the current pandemic.”

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