Hackers demand cash

Cyberattack fuel pipeline in US ‘days from reopening’


Hackers: ‘Our goal is to make money’

Frantic owners of the biggest gasoline pipeline in the US say they will not restart operations for several days as consumers fear a cyberattack will lead to fuel shortages.

Investigations are continuing into the ransomware attack which has shutdown supplies.

It has been blamed on a group of hackers called DarkSide, believed to be based in Russia or eastern Europe.

Nearly half the fuel consumed along the US East Coast is carried through the 5,500-mile Colonial Pipeline.

While no information has been divulged on the impact of the attack, there are concerns that one of the most disruptive digital ransom schemes ever reported will push up prices and force refiners to cut production.

The sinister group behind the attack issued a statement which read: “Our goal is to make money, and not creating problems for society.” Its statement did not mention Colonial Pipeline by name.

Consumers in the southeastern states were making plans to ensure they had enough stock as the national average gasoline price climbed to $2.96 a gallon and could climb to its highest level since 2014.

There were reports of panic buying in Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Fuel suppliers could revert to using truck and rail if the disruption continues beyond the end of the week.

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