Levelling up plan

Civil service jobs leave London to boost ‘union bond’

New Waverley gov offices

New Waverley in Edinburgh is home to UK civil service jobs

Almost 3,000 civil service jobs will be relocated outside London and the South-East as part of Boris Johnson’s plan to “level up” the UK and “strengthen the bonds of the union”.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy will have an initial 865 roles outside the south east, rising to 1,350 by 2025. It said 60 will based in Edinburgh with an unspecified number in Aberdeen.

Salford in Greater Manchester will be the biggest beneficiary with 420 posts, followed by Birmingham with 325.

The Home Office, which already has more than 40% of its workforce outside London and South East, is expanding its regional presence by at least 1,950 roles, some in Scotland.

UK government ministers will also spend more of their time in other parts of the country.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng and Home Secretary Priti Patel made the announcement today as part of a cross-Government move – the Places for Growth scheme. Its aim is to ensure policymakers reflect the communities they serve, while levelling up by ensuring economic growth and job opportunities are more evenly distributed across the UK.

Kwasi Kwarteng

Kwasi Kwarteng: ‘doubling down’

Home Office presence including senior civil service roles, under Places for Growth is expected to increase in smaller cities and large towns that also include Stoke-on-Trent, Peterborough and Solihull as well as in metropolitan locations and in the devolved administrations including Sheffield, Cardiff, Belfast, Manchester and Edinburgh.

The Home Office is also in the process of establishing a new Innovation Centre in Stoke-on-Trent, which will accommodate case-working roles and an Asylum hub. 

The BEIS workforce will grow in Salford, Birmingham, Cardiff and Darlington, and expanded to Belfast and Edinburgh, with an ambition to build a presence in Preston in the longer term.

The government said the plan will ensure the Business and Energy Department, responsible for areas including business growth, industrial policy, renewable energy, science, research and development, and employment rights, is represented by policymakers operating across all four corners of the UK, “strengthening the bonds of Union”. 

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