Bank technology veteran joins Commsworld board

Commsworld, the UK’s largest independent network provider, has appointed former Royal Bank of Scotland senior executive John White as a non-executive director.

Mr White worked for many years with computer giant IBM before spending six years with National Australia Bank, where he became global general manager of electronic banking.

He joined RBS in 1999 as a key member of the bank’s team planning for the transformational acquisition of NatWest. He led the technology integration of NatWest Group, and the Ulster Bank Group with the RBS Group.

He became director of group technology at RBS, where he was involved in activities spanning the US, Europe and China. The engagement with Bank of China on the technology aspects of the RBS investment programme was among many career highlights, along with support and guidance on the merger of Bibit with WorldPay.

He was appointed executive vice president, manufacturing for RBS Americas.

After retiring from RBS in 2009, he formed JLB Ltd and later ABOR, specialising in advisory and consultancy services.

Mr White has also held a number of other non-executive directorships – with NHS NSS from 2008 to 2012, where he was chairman of its audit committee, PIPC from 2009-10, Innovation Scotland from 2012-13, and ECS Europe from 2016-20.

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