Independence call

Alba members ‘overtaking Greens, LibDems and Tories’

Alex Salmond

Former First Minister sees indy debate slipping

Alex Salmond says his new Alba party is on course to overtake the membership of the Greens, Liberal Democrats and Scottish Conservatives.

The party launched in February but its profile was raised significantly when Alex Salmond became leader in March. It contested seats in the Scottish Elections on 6 May but won no seats.

Mr Salmond, a former leader of the SNP and First Minister, today warned that Scottish independence must not be allowed to slip off the political agenda as he revealed that its membership has grown to 5,500.

“That is more than the Liberal Democrats, a party that has existed in one guise or another for over a century,” he said.

“With the help of our supporters, we are on course to overtake the Green Party and the Tories in Scotland in membership size by our Party Conference.”


Committing the party to contest next year’s local elections, he added: “It is only two weeks since the Scottish election and yet the constitutional issue is already gradually slipping off the political agenda.

“Independence should be right up there, first and foremost, in terms of dealing with the pandemic in terms of recovery and economic recovery from it.

“We should be talking about the constitutional question in Scotland, we should be forcing the issue because London has never been weaker and Scotland has never been stronger in political terms.

“But if we allow it to slip off the political agenda to allow the Johnson Government to regain its political balance, then the chance may be missed, and may never come again. 

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