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Salmond says Alba on course for indy breakthrough

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond: ‘the message is hitting home’

Alex Salmond says his Alba party is on course for a historic breakthrough in the Scottish Parliament elections after a new poll showed the party is set to help deliver a “Supermajority” for independence. 

The Panelbase Poll, commissioned by Scot Goes Pop online, would see Alba winning seats in every region of Scotland.

The eight seats projected for Alba combined with seats projected to be won by the SNP and the Greens, would result in a pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament of 31 Seats. 

This is the first poll to show Alba overtaking the Lib Dems in terms of projected seat numbers.

The poll also shows the SNP on 36% on the regional list vote meaning that the party is not projected to win any list seats. 

Mr Salmond says the poll shows that his party’s message is striking home to independence supporters as he urged more SNP voters to use their list vote to ensure an even larger amount of Pro independence MSPs are elected. That requires a further switch to Alba on the list vote. 

With the SNP’s predicted success on the constituency vote it would not win any list seats.

Alba wants a #Supermajority in the Scottish Parliament to mandate the Scottish Government to commence independence negotiations with the UK Government in the first week of the new parliament. 

Mr Salmond said:  “Across Scotland the message of the Alba Party is hitting home. Because the SNP are projected to do so well in the constituency votes this poll shows they have no chance of winning any list seats. 

“Alba are the party that have brought an urgency for independence to this election campaign. This poll shows Alba winning eight seats. However, if just a few more independence voters back the SNP in their constituency, (then transfer to Alba on the Regional List vote) the Supermajority could comprise of some 90 pro-independence MSPs in the Parliament of 129.

“Next week by voting Alba on the list for independence the people of Scotland can generate a political earthquake the tremors of which will be felt in the very heart of Westminster. Alba is rising.” 

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