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Lawyer retires

Last of the Urquharts hands over family firm

Roderick Urquhart (front) with other partners

Lawyer Roderick Urquhart’s retirement will mark the end of a 145-year family connection to the founder of the Edinburgh firm.

His great-grandfather Andrew Urquhart established the practice in 1876 after moving to Edinburgh from Aberdeen.

Now the last Urquhart will be leaving after almost 40 years and will be succeeded as senior partner by Stephen Blane.

Mr Blane, who has promised there will be no dramatic changes, said: “Roderick is the fourth generation of the Urquhart family to be senior partner here and we want to thank him for everything he has done over many years of service. His will be a very well-deserved retirement.

“For the past 145 years there has been an Urquhart associated with the firm.

New face: Stephen Blane takes over

“A number of people have asked us if this is a chance for us to modernise and shake things up. There is absolutely no need for that. We are extremely well prepared for Roderick’s departure and. the truth is there won’t be any radical changes.

“We will proudly continue to do the same things in the same way that we have been doing them very successfully for a long time now.”

Mr Urquhart, who joined the firm in 1982, said: “I’ve enjoyed my time with the firm and I’m incredibly proud of all that we achieved and of the quality of the team who will now take Urquharts forward.

“There may no longer be an Urquhart in the firm, but I’m delighted that the same values will continue to underpin everything that it does.”

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