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Probe launched after Jenners signage removed

An NHS worker, AngelaS, tweeted an image of the signage being removed

The Jenners signage has been removed from the famous Edinburgh department store in an apparent confirmation that it will be leaving its historic site after 183 years.

However, it later emerged that the building’s owner did not know who authorised the decision to take down the iconic signs on both sides of the building.

Frasers Group, which owns Jenners, said in January that it was shutting the store in Princes Street after failing to agree a “fair” rental deal with Danish billionaire landlord Anders Povlsen.

Mr Povlsen’s representatives later said a store would continue to operate from the premises.

Jenners owned by House of Fraser

The way it was: name adorning the building (pic: Terry Murden)

Anders Krogh Vogdrup – the director AAA United – said at the time it will continue as a store and that the Jenners name would remain. It had given Frasers – which also owns Sports Direct – a substantial rent reduction and rent-free periods to cover the lockdowns.

After the signs were removed on Wednesday this week Mr Vogdrup said: “We are very surprised seeing the signage being taken down. We are convinced that the signage is part of the listed building.

The signage apparently dumped inside the building

“We have not discussed any such step with Sports Direct, and certainly not given any authorisation to do so. We will look in to this matter.

“We can only once again emphasise that the Jenners building of Edinburgh is an institution and, despite the changing face of retail, it is our aspiration that there will continue to be a retail store for as long as we are its stewards.”

Edinburgh residents took to social media to express their concern, while the Cockburn Association said the lettering is part of the fabric of a listed building and should not have been removed.

“This appears to be an unauthorised alteration to a listed building, and we will ask the City of Edinburgh Council to investigate and take any necessary enforcement action,” it said.

One despondent Twitter user said the building itself could remain as the Jenners building, while some appeared not to have been aware that the store was closing.

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