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Four ambassadors added to Scottish Business Network

Four ambassadors for SBN

Scottish Business Network has announced four additional ambassadors, based in the US.

They are: Sabine Klahr in Salt Lake City, Utah; Eric McAleer in Baltimore, Maryland; Adam Drufke in Raleigh, North Carolina; and Alec Brasier in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

“Each of these individuals brings immediate capacity, talent, and depth,” said Ian Houston, SBN President USA.

“In addition to these locations, we have ambassadors in New York, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, plus several global advisors and board members in different US locations.”

SBN recently announced Lindsey Ormond in Minneapolis and Tracy McFall Austin in Seattle, as ambassadors.

“The Scottish Business Network  will continue to work with partners and friends of Scotland in a collaborative and complementary way,” said Mr Houston. 

“That value has been central to our approach. Those interactions have been incredibly powerful and amplifying. Team Scotland is Strong!”

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