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CleanTech startups enlisted for Michelin accelerator

Bob Andrew: ‘beyond our expectations’

A group of start-ups developing the next generation of clean energy and sustainable products have been selected for the second accelerator programme at the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc.

The firms are from Scotland and overseas and include a firm developing a robotic solution for recycling and waste management, and another creating a flat-packed, recycled plastic building system.

MSIP is a joint venture between Michelin, Dundee City Council and Scottish Enterprise on the site of the former tyre factory. It is funded by Scottish Enterprise and powered by Elevator, the MSIP Accelerator.

This is the second 16-week programme and it launches on 26 April, with online sessions allowing the cohort to receive dedicated insight and guidance from delivery partners and sector experts, including Ricardo and Productiv.

Included in this second cohort are several companies from outside of Scotland, offering the opportunity for sharing, learning and ongoing collaboration between the participants, across multiple geographies.

Bob Andrew, Elevator’s MSIP Accelerator Manager, said: “I’m really excited to be working with this year’s founders, who are joining us from across Scotland and beyond – even as far as Oslo and Kerala.

“To have expanded this widely in only our second year is incredible. The diversity of the projects and participants really has gone beyond our expectations.

“The programme’s overarching goal is to supercharge environmentally-conscious start-ups so that collectively, we can make a difference.

“We hope our collaborative approach will make a real impact on the need for a greener, more responsible economy and in turn, boost the sector’s jobs market too.”

Companies selected for the 2021 MSIP Accelerator powered by Elevator are:

Bounce: a fully flexible EV mobility solution, offering EVs and chargers to both retail and commercial customers across Scotland.
Boxergy: Integrates household renewable technologies with smart tariffs to anticipate demand and plan energy purchase, lowering cost and carbon.
Caigan Vehicle Technologies: Aims to design and develop solutions that allow the conversion of existing vehicle fleets such as those of local authorities, logistics and first responders, to zero emissions vehicles.
CityQ: Offers the first Car-eBike platform – a mix of an ebike and a “micro car” with pedals, regulated as an eBike. The product is made for both personal and cargo transport and upcoming city services.
Cyclopic: An electric drive system that incorporates drive, braking, steering and suspension, providing an efficient drive unit that will be part of a modular EV Platform.
Danu Robotics: A team of scientists and engineers developing advanced AI and robotic solutions for the benefit of the environment, such as a unique robotic solution for the recycling and waste management industry.
DCarbon: Technologies and solutions to eliminate greenhouse gases and toxic air emissions from residential home heating systems such as log burners, that are significantly more cost-effective than conventional renewable energy heating methods.
Empowering Local Energy (ELE) Group: ELE Group partners with communities, encouraging them to take an active role in their energy journeys, and will begin by offering consulting services related to holistic energy solutions, hybrid energy system modelling and design, project management, and community engagement.
Kottackal: Kottackal is a vehicle charging experience platform offering innovative charging approaches while ensuring that all consumers can charge their vehicle in a way that is as straightforward and reliable as refuelling a traditional vehicle.
QuickBlock: A flat-packed, 100% recycled plastic, lightweight, modular building system which offers an alternative to traditional materials. The blocks are easy to assemble and disassemble via a ‘Lego’ style interlocking method with no additional or specialist materials or tools required.
Trapar: A mobility as a service platform where customers can plan, book and pay for their personalised hire, day tours, life-share car club, car rental, parking, cycle hire and commute all in one app.

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