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Budget 2021: Personal tax

Tax gulf widens for higher rate taxpayers

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The income tax threshold for higher earners has widened between England and Scotland after Mr Sunak lifted the 40p rate to £50,270.

Scottish Finance Secretary Kate Forbes has fixed the threshold north of the border at £43,662 and at 41p in the pound.

The personal allowance will rise by inflation to £12,570 north and south of the border.

Mr Sunak was expected to hit those paying capital gains tax but the annual exemption will remain at the current level of £12,300 over the same period and the pensions lifetime allowance will locked at the current level of £1.073 million too.

Likewise, the nil rate band for inheritance tax will stay at £325,000 where it has been trapped for over a decade, so really nothing new. There were no changes to ISA allowances, annual pension allowances and – for a change – no fiddling with Venture Capital Trust or Enterprise Investment Scheme rules either.

The point at which someone in England pays 40% income tax will have only increased by £6,395 in 15 years (or just over £400 per year).  With the effect of wage inflation, more people and families than ever will be dragged into 40% taxation.

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