Housing pledge

SNP commits to building 100,000 affordable homes

The SNP is making a commitment to provide more homes

The SNP has committed to delivering 100,000 affordable homes if re-elected which it says will support £16 billion in investment and up to 14,000 jobs a year.

Housing to 2040 – Scotland’s first long-term housing strategy – outlines what the Scottish government wants homes and communities to look and feel like for the people of Scotland, with actions on how to get there.

Key priorities in the strategy include delivering 100,000 more affordable homes by 2032, with at least 70% of these being for social rent.

It will set a single set of standards for housing quality and accessibility and establish a fund to help local authorities bring empty homes back into residential use. 

There is also a pledge to end homelessness and rough sleeping and decarbonise heating in all homes in line with Scotland’s climate ambitions.

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